"Maria Is Just Using You" Cross Bombards Pere With Revelation.


Cross, a BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemate has advised Pere who is this week’s head of house to leave Maria alone. Pere had confessed his love for Maria on more than two occasions but she had twice turned him down bluntly.

Maria’s rejections have only made Pere more resolute in his desire to win her, even going as far as choosing her to be his deputy head of house. Although Maria is not as cold towards Pere as she used to be, there is no indication that she has changed her mind about accepting his proposal.

Cross, however is convinced that Maria does not care for Pere, but is only using him to extend her stay in the house. He told Pere that Maria is not a child. She is well travelled and she has interacted with different men all over the world. She knows what she is doing. She’s an expert and she’s only manipulating you.

Pere seems to have taken Cross’ advice because he mostly hung out with JMK for the rest of the day, even sleeping on her bed and cuddling with her.

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