Tips to Make your Android Devices Secure


Smartphones are the personal gadgets to every user who care for their security the most and for this reason, users look for ways tomake it more secureas it has a lot of important and confidential data that cannot be shared or lost by hacking or undesired accessing. Since theseAndroid phoneshave become the portal to our online identity, the need for sever steps to securing them has increased. When I bought an Android phone, my first step even before inserting any data or synchronizing accounts, I looked for the tips and tricks through which I can secure my device which will actually be a box of secrets.
Here are a few tips that helped me a lot, hope they will diminish your security threats as well.

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1.     Never Save All The Passwords to make Android Devices Secure
Android phoneswork through a Gmail account, you cannot log out every time you stop using it therefore expect Gmail, never save your passwords because it enhances the security threats and will compel you to be alter every time your phone is handed to someone else.

2.     Opt For Android Inbuilt Security First
Every android phones come up with an inbuilt security system that is designed to accordingly so use it to ensure maximum safety. Pin codes and encryption are a must when you have an android. Trust me; an inbuilt system is always better than installing ones as it is designed accordingly.

3.     Always Lock The Apps to make Android Devices Secure
It is imperative that you always lock the apps you use. Always use combinations of pin codes and dot lock screen as it ensure more security. Many App Locks are available on Google Playthat can assure maximum security of your Android phone.

4.     Disable Downloads Of Apps From Unknown Sources
Never allow your Android device to be a trash bin. Only allow authentic sources to enter your device. Disable all the app downloads that belong to unknown sources. Some third party apps like iPhone spy appscan access your private information and often infect the device further, threaten the safety of a database.

5.     Install An Antivirus App to make Android Devices Secure
Antivirusis not the need of computers only, instead Smartphones also need it as they also have sufficient data to be saved from viruses, malware and infections. Never rely on the unreliable anti-virus.

6.     Avoid Unknown WiFi Networks to make Android Devices Secure
By connecting to unknown WiFi connections, you may allow some hackers to access your phone and monitor your activities. Avoid the use of unknown connections as most of the, are unreliable. I understand the joy of free internet connection, but nothing must be more than your device’s security.

7.     Watch out for SMS Threats to make Android Devices Secure
SMS is another way of injecting viruses to devices. Do not give heed to these text messages as they are meant to corrupt the android phones and hamper the security.

8.     Install Standard Security App to make Android Devices Secure
There are a number of security appsavailable for Android phones, opt any of the standard one that has the credentials and assure the maximum security of your device.

9.     Always Give Attention To App Permissions
Most of us do not give heed to app permissions and blinding click on “Accept”, but remember such bars often have crucial information to know.

10.Keep A Backup Always Ready to make Android Devices Secure
Mishap is the fact of the world, your phone can be damaged, theft or lost but you cannot afford to lose your data as well. Therefore always keep a backup ready for the phone that is to hire a cloud host to restore original information.
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