Nigerian singer that you will be shock to know his from Benue State #hypebenue

Full data and profile of Nigeria singer, Tay Iwar

Tay Iwar #hypebenue

Tay Iwar is a rising Nigerian singer, songwriter, sound engineer and record producer. He is known for his distinctive alté musical style which combines various elements of sound from classic R&B to Afrobeats with a dimension of the soul genre.

Full name Austin ‘Tay’ Iornongu Iwar

Age 23 years old

Birthday June 9, 1997

Gender Male

State of origin Benue State

Parents Vivian and Austin Iwar

Height 5″11

Marital status Single

Tribe Tiv

Career Singer-songwriter, sound engineer,

record producer

Tay Iwar childhood and education

Tay Iwar was born in Victoria Island, Lagos to parents Vivian and Austin Iwar. He is one out of three sons of the couple. Tay Iwar had most of his early education in Lagos, Nigeria until his family relocated to Abuja when he was 12 years old.

Tay Iwar #hypebenue

Tay Iwar music career

Oblivious of his future, Tay had made a resolve to become a lawyer at the age of 10 until he was 13 when he realized he had a gift for music after he took up playing guitars. At the age of 15, he started writing songs and developing ideas with a guitar gifted to him by his father. In the ninth grade, Tay was introduced to fruity loops production software by a classmate, he subsequently spent most of senior high school learning his way around recording and music production before leaving Nigeria to study Audio Engineering.

Although Tay Iwar admitted he started developing interest in music at the age of 13, he believes the foundation was laid at a much younger age. According to Tay Iwar, he was first introduced to music by his parents when they insisted that all the children in the family should attend a classical music school. Tay Iwar also added that his parents’ love for jazz, soul, blues, reggae and his brothers’ interest in hip/hop all influenced his choice of music.

Tay Iwar’s rise to fame

Tay Iwar was shot into the limelight when he teamed up with his brother, Sute Iwar, who is also a music artist, to produce his debut EP titled Passport in 2013.

Tay Iwar was later able to release an LP titled Renascentia on April 2017. Tay was the opening act for legendary jazz and soul singer Asa on her “Encore” Tour in Lagos in 2017. The feature was a big score to Tay Iwar’s career and a testament of his immense talent.

Tay Iwar’s 2017 LP title is loosely translated as re-birth from the post-Christ cultural movement in Seleucia. In 2019, Tay Iwar released his debut full-length album titled Gemini.

So far, Tay Iwar has made associations through music features and production of tracks for notable artists including the likes of Juls, M.I Abaga, Lady Donli, Odunsi (The Engine), Tomi Thomas, Santi, Preye, Leriq, Boogie, Suté, Jessica Bongos, Sarz, Ovid, Eve Urrah.

Tay Iwar songs and albums

From Passport EP (2014) and Sute Iwar EP ft Tay Iwar




•Lust or Love


•The Thirst (2015) Ft. Shiz

•Wuse II (2016) ft Odunsi

From Renascentia LP (2017)

•Equestrian Love

•1997 (2018)

•Miracle Girl



•Gold (2019)

•Shoreditch Swing



From Gemini Album (2019)


•Don’t know

•Weather Song





•Call U


•It’s Okay





•Pick Up Your Phone (2020)

•Desire (2017) ft Funbi

•Careless (2018)

•Video Star (2018)

Tay Iwar awards and achievements in music

Tay Iwar’s musical contributions and influence in new-age Nigerian music have earned several recognitions, including:

•Choice producer at 2014 Nigerian Teen Choice Awards

•Choice Male Artist at 2015 Nigerian Teen Choice Awards

Tay Iwar net worth

Despite being a rising artiste, Tay Iwar’s net worth is currently estimated at over $350,000 (around N130 million in naira).

Tay Iwar Instagram and Twitter

Tay Iwar’s Instagram handle is @tayiwar and his Twitter handle is @TayIwar.

Tay Iwar girlfriend

Tay Iwar is very private about several aspects of his personal life. He has often been described as “recluse” in the media. Information about Tay Iwar’s sexuality and his previous or current relationships are not available.

However, the lyrical content of his music which soulfully addresses several issues of love and relationships suggests that the singer might have had a taste of love and romance.

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